no direction

i’m so depressed right now. i don’t like where i’m living, the weather has been for months and months cold, gray and rainy, i don’t know what i want to do for work and the jobs i have gotten i just don’t like. i’m not inclined anymore to force myself to go to a job that doesn’t fulfill me in any positive way. i’m lost, rudderless, regretting i ever came here. my mind is so scattered it is hard to think clearly about anything. how do you make life decisions when you can’t even decide on what you want to eat on any given day?

i feel confused, abandoned by whatever force it is that runs the universe, utterly alone.


my page, my rants

sometimes i look at the stuff i have and feel stupid for having them.

i get very bored with same self-help quotes being recycled ad nauseum everywhere.  doesn’t anyone have anything original to say?

when did everyday of the year become “international something day”, or “World blah blah blah day”? Really, it’s frustrating and confusing and in the end these days mean nothing.

i’m certain that the vast majority of twitter accounts are not real people at all and the rest are only trying to get you to buy something.

facebook is a complete waste of time and i only use my account because bands i follow insist on posting only there.

my opinion, FWIW,  is that social media is contributing the the mental health issues facing the world today.