a miserable, resentful morning

it is a rainy, cold and miserable monday morning in december as i write this. i feel very resentful right now towards my wife and her family. i had a good job in raleigh, friends and a nice apartment. then, she decides she wants to move to the beach so i give up everything and we down to the beach and rent our friends condo. this didn’t last either as after about 6 months she didn’t like it there anymore and used her mother’s “ill health” to move us to new jersey, a place i never wanted to come to. her family is bitter, toxic, inconsiderate. all they do is complain about everything in the world even though their world is so limited that they have no idea how things really are. her sister broke the window in one of our cars by doing exactly what we told her 5 times not to do. it cost us 150.00 to get it fixed and she never once made even a half-hearted offer to pay for any part of the repairs. i don’t even think she apologized. they have no idea what we gave up and had to do in order to move up here FOR THEM and they show no appreciation and make no accommodation for us. everything is all about them and their routine despite the fact that we are forced to stay in their house right now. they change not one thing and we are forced to change everything and work around them. so now she has a good job and she has her precious mommy and i am miserable. does that mean we can leave here, of course not.



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